I Recently purchased this bike and when I'm going full bore it suddenly loses power and backfires. I'm going to check the main jet first but would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

You might want to check the valves. If it's a used bike you have no idea when they were checked last. .005 EX / .004 Intake

Possibly it just appears that your bike loses power and seems to falter, when in fact it is just that the guy on the RMX 250 in front of you seems sooooo fast.

Later Bax.

A fat main jet above # 165 (over 2,000') and a dirty or over oiled air filter will make the bike falter at higher rpm. If its the air filter re-clean it and be sure to squeeze all the oil from the filter. I do this and then squeeze it again with paper towels to remove any extra oil. On the 600 it makes a huge difference.

No, It couldn't be that son of a B.

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