Shoei vs Bell Moto 8

Any Red Thumper warriors own a Bell Moto 8 or Shoei V Moto helmet? I'm thinking about a new lid, these two keep jumping out. A ride report on either would be greatly appreciated:ride:

I have the Bell Moto 8 and really like it. Good venting that you can feel. Comes with two sets of cheek pads to adjust the fit. Removeable liner for washing, etc. Super nice helmet bag. Spare visor.

On the other hand, I know 2 or 3 of my riding buddies have the Shoei and they're happy with them too. I don't think you can go wrong with either.

I personally like the styling on the Bell better, I got mine in flat black. I wear it for hare scrambles and it looks like hell now. The flat colors show scuffs worse I reckon. Gloss paint jobs would probably look a little better after banging through the trees and brush.

I have a Shoei and love it. The Bell didn't fit my head right. To me, the one that fits your head the best and is comfortable should be the one you get. Comfort is good.

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