Fork seals

The fork seals on my wr400-99 are leaking.

I've read some where that the Honda CR250r 1996 fork seals fit straight in & that they are a better seal with two cleaning points instead of just one.

I checked with Honda about the part number 51490MAC741 but they couldn't say if they will fit my wr400-99.

Has anybody found a better fork seal than the Yamaha ones.

I have tried a few different brands of seals. I first tried some off brand. I can't remember exactly what brand they were. It was something like K & S or K & O. Anyway I was recommended to try factory connection seals. They have held up for almost a year now. The first brand I tried lasted for about 2 rides. I guess the factory connection seals are made of a softer rubber which is supposed to help seal better. If you buy the whole kit from factory connection it will come with seals, dust seals and a new washer which is supposed to be better then the factory washer. Not sure why but so far I am happy with them. I believe the whole kit was around $60.00.

Good luck!

I was recommended some seals by a guy at my local riding area called "Pro-Moly Leak-Proof fork seals"

I got the ones that cost $24.99 (seemed like the best) and as long as they are installed correctly they are guaranteed FOR LIFE!

I got them from Dennis Kirk, so if you are intrested, go here>>>> Link

Then click on "Forks and related" and then just put in the model of your bike.


I have only used them once so far so I dont know how well they hold up yet but hey, they fail, new pair! :)

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Just my opinion.

I had my fork seals blow two times in the first year I owned my bike. I had my local shop change them the first time, at $125 per fork. After the second time I was determined to do them my self. I did. They lasted almost two years. THAT WAS ON STOCK SEALS, WITH STOCK SEAL SPRING LENGTH. I am conviced its in the way you do it. Here are a couple of the keys I believe make the difference:

1. Completely drain the tubes. I mean COMPLETELY!

2. Make sure both tubes have the exact same amount of oil.

3. Make sure you properly reinstall all the inner tube components.

4. Use a ton of waterproof grease under the dust covers.

I think I've got step by step directions around here somewhere if anyone is interested.

Good Luck!

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I had great luck with the factory connection seals also. I also reccommend draining ALL your oil out and using lots of waterproof grease. It's not a bad idea to clean the darn things after a mud ride either. That is what burned me. Good luck.

Tim Heslip

1998 WR400

This is a copy of my post in Febuary. After 2 years of swiping my leaky fork seals for a couple of leak free rides at a time ,I broke down and replaced the seals myself.

A friend coached me through the process which is not hard at all, and shared with me the fact that the honda seals for a '96 cr250r will fit yz's and wr's. From Yamaha of Troy the oil seals for the wr are $9.22 each , and dust seals $13.83 each, $46.10 total before shipping.

The Honda seals are sold as a set w/1 oil, 1 dust seal for $12.62 per set! $25.24 total before shipping.

The honda part # is 51490-mac-741

I have a few rides on the new seals and they are smooth as butter! Use the money you save to replace the fork pistons and glide bearings. I have many more rides on them since and still no leaks.

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