yamaha 00 wr400 transmission help

after broken 3rd wheel I open engine for replacing.

I forgot how to set the 2nd pignon 15 T.

one side has a small step the other is flat ...which side goes inside?

picture or explaination are preciouses.

sorry for my english... I am italian

thanks to all

thank you so much...

i have already seen that sheet....

yes is the part no. 9.

for my experience the drawns in the manual are not totally perfect.

in any case I set it like shown in the drawn. it was logic.... in the other way the pignon 3 and 9 shouldnt be right with wheels 14 and 23.

moving by hand it seems ok.

many thanks.

ps how do you drive clutch nut without air pistol?


I presume you mean how do you tighten clutch nut without air gun (pistol)?

I stuff a heavy rag into the gear mesh to "lock" it up, then use a torque wrench on the bolt.

If you mean loosen (which you should have already done since you're inside it), I do the same thing with the rag, use an airgun or you can buy a manual impact driver, it's a unit you hammer and it gives a small twist to the socket from the downward force - costs about 10 dollars.

I have to study technical english....

I cant understand about nothing of what you have told. ;-))

anyway I brought the engine to a tyres repairer ... he has a very strong gun.


It's not technical at all, a heavy rag is something like a towel, stuffed into the gears to stop them from turning, the towel will jam the gears without any damage - some use a piece of wood as well.

Look what is in the gears just beyond this guy's hand - he then uses it to clean up his greasy hands when done.


;-)) ahhh ok an old piece of cotton stuff is usefull....

good idea... even if, in the case of the picture, yamaha suggest an aluminium bar....

the risk, for me, is that the stuff must go between the gears and push out the shaft....

anyway, you are really gentle to give me very good ideas.

yesterday I did an medium hard trip on my hills ( genoa) and my engine seems ok at all.

now I opened completely my engine 3 times.... I might know something about it ;-))


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