Scott's Steering Damper Mounting

I'm running a BRP upper triple clamp with a rubber mounted Scotts steering stabilizer sub mount. You can still run a bar pad if you choose to with the sub mount. It will raise the bars about 25mm(1"). BRP and Scotts triple clamps are made in same machine shop, just the anodizing colors are different. If you decide on getting the BRP buy it from the TT store. 10% off retail plus no tax and free shipping.

I have the BRP triple clamp sub mount set up Sooooosweeeet!:applause:

Me too, love it.

Thanks guys. The reason I ask was that I was talking to Applied and they suggested going with the hard mount. They were saying that using the rubber mount caused the damper to lose some of it's affectivness. I hadn't heard that before so I was wondering if anybody had any experience / issues.

I was thinking about going with the Applied due to being blue anodized but the black BRP looks good too.

I ended up with black BRP upper and lower clamps and it looks nice. If I were to have kept the stock alluminum lower, then I think I would have gone with the Scotts upper to match.

I have to admit the color for me was of low importance since which ever color you pick you will get the trick billit part look.

IMHO the BRP clamp with rubber mounted Pro Tapers is worth the price of admission. The added comfort provided your hands and arms is worth every penny. The Damper is just gravy on top.

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