Looking for a 5.4 Rear Shock Spring

Anyone got one laying around that they want to sell or trade for?



Bonzai :)


Is a 5.4 the stock 1999 OEM spring (or is it a 5.2?)?

I THINK I am running a 5.0 on my 99. Factory Connection put it on.

If this IS the case, the stock is yours!

Thanks Kevin,

The 5.2 is the stock spring. I've got two of those. I would up swaping all of the goodies over to the YZ this weekend, to make it my prinmary race bike for this season and the WR as the back-up, mostely because of the lighter weight and easier to throw around.

Now I'm going to start re-doing the WR all over again....Gold Valves and Shock spring upgrade first....


Bonzai :)

Hey, I could use the 5.2 spring if you want to get rid of it. I have two 4.8 springs and have been looking desperately for a 5.2. Anyone want a 4.8? I am also looking for .46 front springs. I have two sets of .44. 215 lbs on a 250F.


No Problem,

PM me with an address and I'll send it too you...

Bonzai :)

Done, Thanks for the help. Now I got to see about getting those .46 springs.

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