any noticable diff between powerbomb headers???

anyone know if there is a major difference between the "moto" and "supercross" fmf powerbomb headers? i have a 99 yz 400f and want the "supercross" in stainless because fmf claims its for low-mid power increase which is what I want. but all i can find is the stainless "moto" header for this bike. also, i assume i will need to rejet to take full advantage? thanks

There is a difference in where the power increase is delivered. I first put an MX powerbomb on my 450 and at first it felt just like stock until I hit about half throttle, then it pulled harder than stock. I then switched to an SX powerbomb to see the difference. This one felt more like stock on the top end, but pulled a little harder down off the bottom and right out of corners.

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