Lower triple clamp and steering stem repair.

I was trying to press the stem out of the triple clamp this morning and managed to "press" it the wrong direction.

The stem came out but I think it was suppose to go the other direction.

My question is, rather then buy a new clamp and stem, can I press the stem back into the clamp and have it welded on? I stopped by my welder and he said he could do it and the weld would hold.

I wasn't sure if this was an unsafe repair etc.


I did not think that aluminum (triple clamp) could be welded to steel (stem).

you can get it back it, heres the trick, the stem is steel and that goes into the triple. Heat the triple as this will help expand the metal and freeze the stem and this will help shrink. Dont over heat as you will lose the hardness in the aluminum but get it warm. Prolly about the point where its too hot to hold with bare hands to start. Once you do that try and put them back together as this should help.

If the alumimum part wasn't damaged it should just press back on.

What were you doing in the first place? I thought that you were just replacing the steering head bearings. No need to press the stem off the lower triple clamp. I don't even use a press for that job, just a drift and a hammer.

I think the stem is a little bugger up. After all, it got pushed the "wrong" way through the clamp.

And yes, I was just trying to replace bearing etc. I thought I had to remove the stem to get the bearing off.

It looked like the stem could still be re-pressed into the clamp and a simple weld would only be needed to hold it in place.

Go look on ebay for a set I see them all the time!! I would not risk screwing with the front end on a bike that can go 100mph!!! Trust me if you crash you will be wishing you bought a good unmolested one.. Use caution...

There is a step on the edge of stem which rests against the lower clamp.

if you pushed it the wrong way its probably damaged so I would be carefull not to use it.

got any pics you can put up????

Well, I picked up the clamp from the welder this morning. The steering stem got ground/filed down to make it easy for him to push into the clamp, then the stem didn't get welded in straight........

so I'm in the market for a new/used lower triple clamp and steering stem.

Anyone have one or know where to get one?


Start a new thead with a title like "Anyone have a lower triple clamp for a 650R?" With all the USD conversions someone around here has one laying in the garage. You might have luck if you search for the USD conversion threads and send some PMs.

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