XR650R skid plate on an XR650L?

The first two photos show the gap between the frame and the guard and the two bolt locations being three inches too high.  I would have to drill new holes and use a spacer.  That doesn't seem like a strong option to me.  The next two photos show the gap between the frame and the engine which is thinner than the thickness of the clamp mount.  I would need to drill holes to put these in a different location.  There are only two clamps which seems minimal.  I think I'm going to sell it and get an xr650l specific plate.




I was hoping the pictures would bring answers, instead it just raises more questions...I was hoping I could help you out but I'm drawing a blank on what the deal on that skid plate is?


This is the one I bought for mine:





I'm going to do the same and order the part number you showed on the packaging.  I wonder if anyone has ever put rubber between the skid plate and the frame rails?  I have an old heavy duty tube that I'm thinking of cutting strips from and sandwhiching three layers between the frame and plate with the mounting bolts going through it to secure it in place.  It would be nice to cushion the blows a little bit.  

I think I just read that someone did that exact thing with a inner tube,I probably should have,  I used foam strips that will be a huge pain to have to clean off If I ever need to replace the foam, also people mainly put something in between the skid plate and the frame to keep noise transference down,

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