Stock suspension settings.

I have not touched the factory suspension settings yet. I am 6ft + and 245 not loaded. I understand very little about suspension setups. Here is whats happening.

1. Seems rough bouncy on what should be easy bumps/rocks.

2. Seems a little skittish at the rear tire.

I would like to start adjusting this suspension. I suspect I will have to revalve the front and at least go to a 5.8 spring on the rear.

Any suggestions or lessons on my front and rear dampening and rebound?



My stock WR250 was very stiff in the rear I weigh 175. The manual explains adjustments really well. I softened my rear up quite a bit and it really helps. I only adjusted the high speed dampening and the low speed dampening (Adjustments made at the shock resivore.)It only takes a few minutes. Be sure and pay attention to the sag measurement, if this changes you may have to adjust the spring itself which is more involved.

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I will give it a shot.

You need to get stiffer springs frt. and Rr. I'm 200lbs and went up to 5.4 in Rr and 4.7 in Frt.

Go to and fill out the form for spring rate, it asks you your weight,height and type of riding you do,and whether you like it stiff or soft,aggrasive Etc. It will then recommend the appropiate spring rate for you. :)

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