Why is this happening!?

My user name is set and my password is set, but I can't log in. Keeps telling me it's an incorrect password, although I've been logging in with the same password for a couple of weeks. Now I have to request a new password. This is the third time this has happened. I am I dumb or something? :)

I got this last weekend it would not accept my password until I typed in the letters in capitals eg: WYG8764 instead of wyg8764

hope this helps


I have experienced this as well until I used CAPS for the letters only. (no problems now)

It's not a case of typing in the password. It's been saved and in use for a while. As soon as I type in my user name the password automatically comes up. Tne next time it tells me it's incorrect and I wind up having to request a new password. I even try re-entering by retyping with the proper upper and lower case characters. It continues to tell me it's incorrect,......until I request a new password. This has happened 3 times today alreadY!! :)

Don't bang your head against the wall. Send an email to feeback@thumpertalk.com and we'll get this straigtened out for you. Cheers!


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