Exhaust side back ground application

Hey guys are there any secrets to getting the exhaust side backgrounds on? I can get all of the others on just fine, but the curve of the exhaust sidepanel always screws me up. I can never get the bolt holes on the back grounds to line up with the plastic. By the way I'm putting the Factory effex DX1 pre-printed backgrounds on. Thanks for any help.

did you see this>> http://www.factoryeffex.com/extras/video/

a lot of patience too....here is the way I mount them, watch the video first though...

1. Wash your hands and number plates good.

2. Fill up the bathtub with hot water(as hot as you can stand)and add some kind of

liquid soap, I used regular shampoo .

3. Submerge the background and number plate in the tub.

4. Align the background on the number plate(watch the video, middle section first)

5. Work out bubbles with squeegee(flat plastic piece from Decal Works) once your

happy they are aligned.

6. Use a hair dryer to help set the background and work out any bubbles left.

Buy your backgrounds from a shop that will install them for you.

You can use a hair dryer to heat the decal so that it is very soft and flexible. Then a very light misting of windex on the panel. Align the decal and work out the bubbles from the middle to the edge.

What you want to do is start by applying the graphic in the middle of the sidepanel, then working your way outwards. As opposed to starting at the front and working back, or top to bottom etc.

This will allow everthing to line up correctly. I found this out recently when I installed some new shroud graphics. If I started in one corner and worked in one direction, nothing would line up. Started in the middle and worked out, they went on great!

I just start at the top and use a lot of heat. Work it down making sure everything is staying lined up as I go. With the heat you can stretch the background and walk it in the direction it needs to go, and you won't get wrinkes. I've done about 50 of them this way and I don't get bubbles, wrinkles, and everything lines up perfect. They stick really well and never peel off from your boots when you use a lot of heat also.

i use soap and water to get it on there, then heat gun the whole dam thing...squeegee it out. not to hard. practice makes perfect

Windex, a squeegee and a heat gun/hair dryer.

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