All intending on being at Fremont for the April ride chime in.

:prof: BWB63 - that is an excellent slide show. Thank's for making my crappy day at work a little better.

BWB i met a guy last september at the stateline supermoto and he was pullin a bike out the truck and he didnt have a right arm so i said ill help this guy, grabed the right side of the bike and reached up and NOTHING, no brake no throttle!!! only a metal piece in the end of the bar, this guy was racing this LOL i was like DAM you got cajones!!! so point is you only need one arm to beat martin so its all good in the hood!!! Ive had my left wrist pretty much toast also, dont have pics to my xrays or the funky thing they screwed in to my arm and wrist( external fixator). it was like some wild thing that mounted on the outside of my arm with adjustments cuz it was so out of place no cast would ever do anything. was close to this but a little different looking, mine was fully adjustable with allens and hurt like a some biche when they were moving it around


BRO dont even try that "im slow" story with me

Well, that's because of all the "stories" about you that have been popping up on this thread - I was trying to get away from you:busted: ...

I just replaced the front tire on my bike this weekend, I'm going to bring the old tire / tube with me, still has lots of miles left on it, so there will be a spare 80/100/21 if anyone needs one.

Nice job on that Bruce!

Hey, that waterfall that you were going down (about 5 and a half minute mark). Hard to tell by the pics, how would you rate it difficulty wise?

Not to hard once you start down it. Gravity takes over. About a 7 out of 10 being the hardest. It is so is a lot steeper then it looks.

I know the external fixator, yes I know it well. Better then a cast in the long run. I also, have had a rotating traction setter on my arm and that is major pain full, twice a day till you hear the ripping.......tears, twice a day for months. Turn the knob till you are crying, that is when they know it is far enough.

I just replaced the front tire on my bike this weekend, I'm going to bring the old tire / tube with me, still has lots of miles left on it, so there will be a spare 80/100/21 if anyone needs one.


Dibs on the take-off!

I just spent the weekend with my wife in Morro Bay and I'm flat broke. I might have a couple cold beers and maybe a grilled piece o' road kill to offer in trade.

My front's gettin' worn, and if there's more meat on yours, I'll gratefully take it off your hands.:prof:

I will be in charge of the slow, lazy group, the guys who gotta stop to eat every hour or so....

I ain't nearly fast enough to be in charge of the "slow, lazy group", but if I try real hard, I might be able to keep the slowest strragglers in sight ahead of me. :bonk::prof:

Hell, I ain't ashamed. I'm prolly still light years faster'n Denn and his pink bike with the frilly tassles dangling off the bars. :confused:

Dont let him catch ya. He'll try to drag you back to his "stabin' cabin"!:prof:

Splooge - if you need it, you got it - Pirelli MT18HD and a Bridgestone heavy duty innertube.

I still would like to contribute something to the BBQ. If I bring a bag of Trader Joes chicken breasts will you do the grillin'?

Rumor is Martin is a trader and made arrangements to sleep with SPLOOGE in his trailer??? WT Heck is with that!!!!

Quit yer jealous snivellin'! :prof:

I seen you at WalMart tryin' out that sleazy red lip stick. I also understand you plan on puttin' some Precision Concepts gift certificates on some fishing line and tossing them out your trailer door late at night to catch some poor drunk TT'er strumbling back to his sleeping bag. :bonk:

A warning to anybody near Denns trailer late at night!!!!!!!



I'm bringing a small grill that goes with me on camping trips, but there should be enough room on there for ya.:prof:


I'm bringing a small grill that goes with me on camping trips, but there should be enough room on there for ya.:prof:


We are bringing one of those Coleman grills that also has a cooler attached so there will be a few grills i figure.

no worries we gots enough grillz grillz.jpg

and ill have a big one to have some barbequed biaotch for everyone!!!!

nice try SPLOOGE i got dollar bills to go fishing with, i like the cheap and easy ones!!! LMAO PC certificates are for JETFUEL!!!

I went for a little "tune up" ride yesterday. I call it taking a XR600 where it doesn't belong. No crashes and only laid the bike down once. Got stuck a bunch though. I know that my clutch took a ton of abuse. Just about every muscle in my body is hurting.

Don't think that there is anything this crazy around the camp spot, but hey if it's there I'll try and find it.

The question is will anyone actually follow me anywhere after looking at these?

I "borrowed" these pics. I had my camera along yesterday, but I was breathing too hard to break it out. I wasn't even along when these pics were taken, but I did ride all these obstacles.


This is considerably worse than it looks.




This wasn't too bad.


As long as you arent going mach 8 through it!

I had my GPS along. The moving average was 8.3 mph. Crawling would be a better description of the speed.

Looks like fun, but we dont have those types of formations around here. At least that ive seen.

DENN10 just spotted on his way too Fremont peak...



I don't think I'll be doing those rocks inless Denn does it on the bike above then I will have to just to keep myself worth.

I got tired of rocks chacing Gene Lane through endless rides of that stuff. I am over dropping the bike because I can't/won't hold on to the bike. Mr. Lewis pushing a rock through the clutch case was the last straw....takes all the rest of a day to get a bike fixed enough to limp back to camp is not always a must to have a good trip....maybe we can skip the broken bike thing this ride? I hope it isn't mine now that I shot my mouth off. I don't have anything to prove anymore and the GPS can get me back to the truck at anytime. I don't ride very well anymore but, that doesn't mean I have to kill myself trying to ride well again. With that said, I'm in:ride:

MOTHER :prof: 's, who dressed me for that pic?? GOD my color combos are WAY OFF!!!

The bad part is ill still ride circles around all of you up those mountains on my under sprung vespa!!!

I just got back from Glamis and as of right now I would NOT be able to make this ride. But, I am sure I will be there anyways.

I Rode till the blisters on my left hand were bleeding.

We started jumping and my son was doing ok on my CR250R and I had to try and show him up. I was up there and thought I could pull off a superman, well I didn't have enough time to get back on the bike before it landed. I can't believe I didn't crash but, landing on the seet just as the bike hit the ground with my left nut was not fun at all. My wife and I are still looking for where that nut went. I have a new lump in my neck and we are thinking that might be it. After a few trips to Competition hill and Oldsmobile, We took the long hard way to China Wall, with nut in neck and bleeding blisters I was starting to not enjoy all the sand in my grin so, I stopped grinning. I was going along and saw what I thought was a long flat, slopping run of sand with a little rise along the way. I opened up in third, flew over the rise and into a witch's eye that wanted to keep the bike. I did my best to hold on to the bike, thinking maybe we could leave together and it was working till the shoulders and arms just wouldn't stay together long enough. I landed on the top of my helmet and flopped onto my bellie. I have a big bruise on the bellie. I can barly walk, my neck hurts, blisters are killer, like to find my left nut and my gut is very sore. I think I had fun..........Get these blisters fixed a little and maybe have some more fun next weekend. Running on just the right nut till the other one drops is a bummer.

:bonk::confused:;):ride::prof: ......

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