How hard do you push your bike?

Im wondering how hard you guys push your bike? Do you run on the rev limiter all the time? Is it ok to run up to the rev limiter? I just dont beat on my bike very hard, actually I hardly ever give her hell. Im just wondering if i need to be changing by oil as often as you guys. Same with valve checks.

My bike is above 8000 RPM about 80% of the time.

I hit the rev limiter on occasion. Bike power curve is well on the downswing well before, thus signaling a shift. The only time I ride a lot past Hp/torque peak is when I am close to a corner and an upshift would be followed microseconds later by a down shift or two. The time wasted shifting is more than made up by continuing the WOT past peak.

There is nothing to gain, speed to lose if you always ride to the limiter. Locate a dyno graph. Where the Hp and torque curves peak, is well below redline. You want to shift shortly after that, ideally where the upshift will plop you on the graph curve at the same horizontal point, just on the other side of the curve.

The rev limit is set where it is (11,500) because it is a speed well above the power peak that a YZ450 in good mechanical condition can safely tolerate. It can be said both that "it won't hurt it", and that "it isn't good for it", with equal accuracy. As William points out, there's also no real point in doing it, since peak power occurs at 8500 and the power has dropped off sharply by the time it hits 11,000.

As to your larger question regarding maintenance, I base my maintenance intervals entirely on the severity of the use to which the bike is put, but I don't at any time exceed my maximum oil change interval, which is 3 ride days of any kind. I feel like I can afford $9 worth of oil to keep my $5000 motorcycle in good shape.

I run my bikes pretty hard like 3x's a week when it's not pouring that is and keep fresh oil and never had any motor probs. good oil and clean fresh air filter/oil filter goes a long way.

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