Trial Tech

Has anyone tried the Trail Tech computer? They look pretty cool. Just curious to see if they work very well and if they seem accurate.

Try a search on Trial Tech. There is a ton of info.

I've used the computer since before Trail tech got ahold of it and I can tell you this, this thing is tuff and accurate.

As for Trail Tech, they're mounting kits and billet protectors are VERY NICE. Like I said I was using it before they made their mounts. I thought my system was good, not compared to thiers.

Buy it, you won't be disapointed.

Mr Toyz

Thanks for the info. Sounds pretty nice. I'll stop in at a shop and try to get one tonight. I've been looking for one of these computers for a long time and this is the first one I like.

Too bad about the broken arm Brandon, but if you can't ride em tinker on em it's the next best thing.

I put one on last night.

Computer and aluminum billet housing.

I currently have a broken arm, and it took about an hour and fifteen minutes. It was EASY.

As far as accuracy and the "Use and Abuse" test: I am about 3 weeks out.


yes very accurate

i measured mine against a GPS spot on accurate

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