Chains and sprockets WR 450

I am wanting to know what the diffrence between sprocket teeth is on my bike i have 50 teeth on the front and i think 14-15 on front if i am going to get new ones should i change to more or less or just leave it the same?

Thanks for the help

it all depends on how you like your bike right now, what you want to do, how you want it to perform.

Going with less teeth up front will:

decrease top speed, but give you better acceleration through each gear.

have 50 teeth on the front

I want to see that :smirk: LOL

It all depends on how happy you are with the stock set-up, what type of riding you do, your riding style, etc.

both fronts are 50's ?

if your terf is like what we got i wouldnt change a thing

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