Hole in my head........What is it?

Changing my oil today I noticed a hole on the side of the cylinder head on the kickstarter side of my bike. It is centered on the cylinder, about one inch above the head/cylinder junction. It looks exactly like the hole-with-ball (I don't know what it is called) up at the oil gallery bolt except there is no ball. I can stick a pick about three inches into the hole. Nothing comes out of the hole when the bike is running, no oil, pressure, or noise. It just looks like three inches would put you close to the middle of valve train. :D:) If it is supposed to be sealed, recommendations on what can be done would be appreciated.

I think what you are talkin about is the drain hole for the spark plug.HTH :)

If its the one i'm thinking of, it should meet your spark plug hole, dont worry about it, its just a drain hole. :)

It's the spark plug drain hole.

Clean it from time to time with a pipe cleaner so if water ever gets trapped in the cavity it can drain out and not short the spark to the plug.

I never aim the water at that hole when I'm washing the bikes.

So you don't think there is a hole in my helmet head, I did look through the manual and could'nt find anything about it. thanks everyone.

Blue One, what is HTH???

HTH=Hope This Helps

As has been pointed out, it is the spark plug drain hole... now water trapped in there could lead to a seized-in-place plug, so keep it dry... my trick for it when washing the bike is to put in a golf tee to block the hole... also, put a squirt of WD 40 or PB blaster in there from time to time...


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