Street legal lighting

I licensed my wr 426 2002 street legal and I find that all the kits offered for blinkers, horn etc. are very expensive for what it is actually composed of. Here in Québec, it costs near $1200.00.00 cdn to add blinkers, horn, voltage reg, etc... If there is no other way, I'll have to spend the dollars. But I'm sure we can use the existing equipement of the wr to power blinkers, brake light, horns etc... with the appropriate mods.

I'd like to have some info about the different approach some of you did to make your WRs street legal.


First you need to know exactly what is required to be street legal in your area.

In michigan we need

1) hi/lo beem headlight

2) tailight/brakelight

3) Dot tires

4) mirror

5) horn

On my YZ400 I used:

1) electrex wr stator/flywheel kit $300

2) electrex voltage regulator $20ish

3) electrex brake pressure switch $20ish

4) Acerbis Blitz headlight $75

5) Ufo ktm underfender tailight housing $25

6) Acerbis mirror $15

7) Radioshack personal alarm $15 honda kill switch $5 makes the horn

I got away without the DOT tires. The cop diddn't catch it. I also dont have a hi/lo beam headlight. Although you could wire the 2 bulbs in the Acerbis with a toggle switch to resemble a hi/lo. A cop will never know the diff. Both bulbs are 35w stock on the acerbis.

I dont have blinkers and I dont have a battery. Some areas require these.

Hope some of this helps.


Here in Québec they require us to add on top of what you already describe : blinkers, speedometer, ignition switch.

Use the trailtech computer for your speedometer. I have one on mine and love it. $75 for the computer. I also have the optional aluminum mount $50

I bought my bike in Quebec with all the street leagal goodies on it. You can pick up blinker controls, horn ,regulator and speedometer from any

bike bone yard cheap.Look for a speedometer off of a DT yamaha it will conect right up to your cable and is already matched to a 21 inch front wheel.

You can buy a hydrolic brake swicth from your dealer.

Your dealer will have small signal lights cheap also.

Mine doesn't have a key ignition switch so I'm not sure

if you really need it.

The battery is ten rechargeble double A's and works well

with the stock lighting coil.

Good luck.


In order to save money, I suggest you to use bicycle mirrors mounted on good brackets because if you do a lot of off road, you will eventually break any kind of mirror you'll buy(even the ones that flip). On the opposite I was quite surprised to see how tough are the flashers from the baja kit because I crashed the bike many times on rocky terrain but they never broke.

Sorry guys :) but I'll switch to French just to suggest him a good place to go to install the kit.

Je n'ai pas installé le kit moi même sur mon Wr parce que je l'ai acheté d'un gars de St-Jérôme qui l'avait fait posé déjà. Il faut absolument que je te donne le nom du gars qui l'a posé parce qu'il se trouve que pour un bon nombre de kit, le Wr ne fournit pas vraiment le wattage nécessaire pour le bon fonctionnement du kit à son plein potentiel disons. Le gars qui a posé le mien a trouvé du jus de plus quelquepart je pense et mon kit Baja fonctionne très bien.

Reviens sur le site demain et je te dirai de qui il s'agit. Il est dans la région de Montréal et il a vraiment fait une belle job.


Ok, got it!

You should contact this guy named Lucien (don't know his last name), his tel number is 1-877-631-9797.

He did a very great job on my bike

Hope that hepls :)


Where do you guys ride?

I'm in eastern Ontario and ride in western Quebec sometimes.

I exclusively ride in the Québec region right now but next year I'll have my license to drive a motorcycle on the road here in Québec so I'll try to discover different regions with my WR.

We could even try to make plans to ride together... My partner is about to buy a XR650R :) and convert it into a dual sport bike and would love such expeditions...


Sorry people if I'm not writing this reply in english, it's just because this message belongs to the people from Québec.

Sylvain, ton WR a-t-il été plaqué hors-route avant qu'il soit plaqué route ou à l'achat tu l'as tout de suite plaqué route avec l'aide de ton vendeur? Moi de mon bord j'ai un 426 01 plaqué hors-route que je veux le mettre "street legal" mais c'est beaucoup plus compliqué que je le croyais. Je dois faire inspecter mon bike mais avant tout il me faut un kit de conversion pour route. Le problème est tu l'as dit est le prix, alors je me demandais si toi ou les autres gars ici connaissent un kit que je peux commander sans problème et qui ne me fera pas échouer l'inspection. Donc merci d'avance.

I Think that the Baja Kit is almost perfect to succeed the Québec inspection. Hey, there even is a little light for the immatriculation :D... The only point that I think is a problem is that there is no rear light pressure switch fitted with the front brake. So braking with your front brake only, won't indicate to the people following you that you are braking :D. At least the rear brake does turn the rear light on . I don't know if this kit will pass the test but I guess that if the kit is well installed and since the kit is DOT certified, you should not have any problems.

You should call the SAAQ to make sure :).

How much $ for the inspection, just to know?


The inspection costs 65$ cdn. You should go to the SAAQ to get the list of the places where they can inspect your bike. For myself here in Trois-Rivières it's at the Bernier&Crépeau Chrysler Dogde Jeep's garage.


I licensed the bike street legal the week after I bought it from the dealer. I went to the license bureau with the papers that the dealers had given me, and just told the clerk that I wanted to license my new bike for the road. I didn't go into the details concerning the required equipement. But they never asked me about it. Once you have licensed the bike off road it has to pass the required inspection to be street legal.

The only thing that the dealer did was to give me the tax paper, the temporary license and the registration for a brand new bike.

Check out the license plate holder and light boltz at I have that set up on my bike and love it.

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