Offroad front meat questions.

Michelin S-12 Front! Its only a 90/90-21 but it hooks up better than any other tire I have tried in the dirt. Keep the pressure up around 15-16 psi on rocky rides and don't bounce the front wheel off rocks too hard. The S-12 has diamond shaped knobs 1 row from the outside. They seem to grab on everything from soft dirt to rocks, hardpack, grass, and the few random bushes. Its ok on sand, and asphalt. If you do alot of on-road riding, then I would get a tire with bigger knobs. Offroad, this is my #1 choice.

I love it because you don't have to worry about the front washing out from trail braking into a corner to getting on the gas for the monster powerslide exit. Just get your weight a little bit forward but nothing too drastic like Johnny Campbell leaning his stomach on the bar pad.

15-16 psi is ok for moderate rocky surface but massive rocks and you need to be in the 18 range. i like to just take it more carefully on the nasty rocks. This a big reason i stoped racing desert cuz it just eats you and your bike up too much. Had some wall hangers for pipes and such from gnarly crashes, just got too expensive to race and have $200 bills to repair after one weekend, wasnt that much fun.

I have been running Maxxis Desert IT on front and rear. While I really like the rear tire, the front is the scariest tire ever in the SC desert. The thing washes out big time in corners.

I'm switching to the Dunlop 756 front and keeping the Maxxis on the rear.

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