Lost a fork bleeder screw, What should I replace it with?

Just rebuilt the forks. One ride, then AFTER I wash the bike, I find an empty hole where I probably just dumped a bunch of water down the fork tube. :smirk:

So, aside from tearing into the forks again to remove any moisture, What bleeder kits do you all use? Or should I just go to the stealer and order it. (Why dont dealers actually carry any parts anymore???)

Thanks all,


PS, its an 02 WR426. Wow that got old fast...

I'd get the motion pro or moose racing bleeders since you're going to spend money replacing one, might as well spend more!

I xthreaded one one time on my cr and then just jb welded it lightly so that I could ride....:smirk: at least you don't have it this bad.

Does anyone know what forks are on an 05 WR450F?? So that I order the right speed-bleeders.


kayaba (kyb)

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