TTR 225

Does anyone out there have a cure for this sick bike? It won't start when it's cold and the battery is always going dead.:mad :please someone help :)

My ttr250 does the same thing. Cheap batteries. I would replace it. You aren't the first person I have heard of having trouble with the TTR225. Make sure the fuel is on and fuel is actually coming our the fuel line. You may have a vaccum in the tank. Other than the basics, I can offer no more assistance.

My wifes bike is a TTR225 and I had the same problem on the first day she had it. I found that if you even touch the gas when starting it cold you have to dump the fuel out of the carb or you will run the battery down trying to start it. It starts every time no problem as long as you don't touch the throttle. If you do you have to dump the fuel in the carb. I also had a TTR 250 that was a little more forgiving with the throttle when starting cold. If I had a problem I turned the same screw dumping the fuel out of the carb and it started right up.

I have one in my basement w/ IDENTICAL problems, except this one doesn't run either. It is definitely the jetting, waaay too lean.

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