Bike, or belt mounted tool bag?

I like the clean lines of the Acerbis rear fender I put on my 600R and I've really resisted mounting a tool bag on it like the OEM fender had.

I've seen that some people have even used a tool bag on the front fender, but I don't want to do that either.

That pretty much leaves me with a fanny pack. Can someone recommend a decent one?

I'm tempted to just use a USGI issue pistol belt with H-harness and a butt pouch. I could also attach a canteen and even a pistol if I ever feel like it. The H-harness would definitely keep it in place.

A fashion diva I am not.

Some bikes just look better without the bag on the back (650R) and some look better with it (650L). I use an enduro pack on my waist by MSR and really like it. Don't even notice it's there. There are a lot of people that seem to like the Ogio Flight Vest lately as well, but that will put the weight higher up than the belt.

Moose makes a nice one, pretty low profile so it won't flap around and holds a good amount of stuff. I been using one for years with no problems. I keep tire irons, CO2, wrenches, and Mexico necessities in mine. Almost don't know I'm wearing it anymore.

I use the MSR Baja model fanny pack. It's their biggest (which can be a bad thing cuz you just keep throwing stuff in it). It has a slick attachment system for additional compartments on the sides. I'm not completely blown away with all the elastic loops in it, doesn't seem like there's ever one exactly where I want it. It's very comfortable though. I weighed it fully loaded and I think it was around 10-15 pounds. Once I get riding, I don't notice it's on, even in whoops.

I personally like my tools and such riding low on my hips, but I have buddies that run a little more weight higher in their backpacks, which is another option to consider. On long rides with lots of stuff, I have a Camelbak HAWG but try to just keep light stuff and the hydration bladder in it. Taking the backpack off to get to something isn't nearly as handy is unsnapping the fanny pack.

I have been using the Ogio 450 tool belt for about a year and a half, and am very happy with it. The price is also pretty reasonable between $35 - $45.

Ogio 450 Waist Pack

It has a lot of room for various stuff, and is very comfortable. As a matter of fact I always wear it, including during races, and I never even notice that it is there. Even through endless, deep whoops (San Felipe) I don't have any problems with it bouncing too much or tiring me out.

Here's another TT thread with some more info on the Ogio 450 and some other packs (among other interesting stuff on what to put in them):

Trailside Toolkits...contents?

BTW, I would definitely not recommend using a fender pack in the rear if you're planning on going through any sort of whoops at speed, at least if you're tall. My XR650R came with a rear fender pack mounted when I bought it, but from experience I can say that it's downright dangerous in whoops since it limits your body movement backwards quite a bit (I'm 6'4", so maybe it's different if you're shorter).

MSR Baja pack is a good one, plenty of room and durable. I carry a fair amount of stuff usually to fix other guy's bikes and it works well. Don't care for anything on the fenders to get in my way, spare tube on the front fender sometimes. jmo

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