xr 650r freeway speeds

Alright guys,

I don't want to sound stupid but here it goes. I have an XR 650 R that is plated for California. I use it to commute to work on back streets along with weekend rides in the desert. I was hoping for some advice that would get me to comfortable riding speeds on the freeways for short periods of time. I currently have stock gearing. To the best I can calculate I should be running a 15/42 sprocket combo to get me there. I don't know if I have calculated right but I don't want to tear the thing up. It would only be for short runs and I am willing to set up a second set of wheels in order to have a set for running around on the streets/freeway and for when I go to the desert. Any help would be great.

Dude 15/42 is TALL on dirt tires! I am running 15/44 on 17 inch supermoto tires and that gets me down the highway at 70 no problem. It also gets me to right around the 100mph mark. I would say a 15/46 would probably get you in the ball park with dirt tires.

I run 15X45 gearing on my xrr and it handles the roads and dirt no problem. With that gearing your good for about 100mph @ 7500rpm, still rips roll-on 3rd gear wheelies from 35-40mph, and can be used in some pretty tight woods riding (but you kinda need a lot of clutch to smooth things out when it gets tight)....I dont think I could even ride an XRR with stock gearing, its way too low and the first 2 gear are pretty much worthless on the street.

I have my xrr setup as a rough and rugged dual sport machine and have been very pleased with 15X45 gearing. Give it a shot...you can buy a cheap, but solid steel 45T sprocket for like $25. So for about $10-$15 you can buy a 15T countershaft sprocket, and about $25 you can buy a 45T rear sprocket....for around $40 you can have a totally different machine...and with this sprocket combination, you dont have to change the stock chain length.

Yeah, I'm running 15/40 on 17" wheels and it's nice and easy on the freeway. Parking lot speeds require some clutch, though, so that range probably isn't good for offroad unless you're 1x.

The bike will definitely pull gearing that high, though. It still passes with authority at 70-80mph. So cool.

17" wheels, 15/45 gearing

4300 RPM's at 55 MPH

6000 RPM's at 72 MPH

I use my 650R to and from work, and everywhere else really, don't know what gearing I run now, but it tops out at about 105mph on the speedo on dirtwheels, and still gives me the occasional 3rd-gear power wheelie:) the Bike is slightley modified though...

Hey, I want to say thanks to all your responses. I will give the 15/45 or 15/46 a try. I agree that the stock gearing is way to low for the street and I am looking forward to seeing the difference. Again, thanks.

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