'03 triple clamps same size as?

I would guess '02 WR450 but what other triple clamps are the same size/interchangeable with the '03 yz450F triple clamps? thx in advance.

01-03 for sure I believe, 04 the size of the forks changed.

I'm pretty sure the 03' had 46mm tubes, while the 04' and later went to 48mm.

The 46 vs. 48mm fork info just given is correct. I feel safe in saying that the '03 triples will interchange at least back to the 2000 model 426/250F (except that the 250F stem is 12mm shorter), and possibly farther, but I'm not completely certain of the range of interchangeability.

i think 96-03 triples for yz 125, 250, 250f, 400, 426 are interchangable. not positive but i think.

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