600R shock swap?

Well, I just bought a cherry XR600R and as my first resource I'm asking you all this before I call F.C. (going with the Showa USD up front)

What's a good set up for the XR600R rear suspension? When this bike was king, what did the pros do for a rear shock? I'd expected this to be an easy to search for item, but I can't seem to find much about it. Lots of talk about re-valve, but I'm hoping to get something more modern on there, with a high speed circuit.

Anyone have experience with this?

There used to be some aftermarket shocks available, like a Ohlins (sp?), but I kind of doubtful about availability since the last XR600 was made in 2000.

Due to the extra leverage in the linkage, using something else usually means replacing the swingarm, linkage, shock, etc.

I thought that the shock does have a high speed circuit.

i personally saw a ohlins shock for sale.600 euros.used.60 kms from where i live.

i think its a lot of money..

I used a WP Superadjuster shock on a '91 XR600 and a '98 HRC 628, worked VERY well.

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