Help me diagnose my 650R

1. Replace all the gas in the tank and floatbowl

-clean out the piliot jet with an ultra-fine piece of wire (one strand from speaker wire works great):YOU SHOULD REJET HERE, BUT IF YOU DON'T, OK.

2. Replace the air filter: if it is deteriorating, it will clog your jets

3. Replace the plug

4. Drain the vent hose near the swing arm (a 'squeezy' vent)

5. Cut the end off the plug wire 1", and re-attach plug cap (fresh connection)

6. Clean off ground wire for coil under tank (this corrodes all the time)

7. Remove and clean kill switch, and it's connectors (short/open problems)

8. Make sure the choke is off

9. Make sure the fuel screw is out 1.5 turns

NOW start it, with no choke (I assume you know the ritual).

Remember, it takes 10 FULL MINUTES AT IDLE before it is warmed up. Anything else, and it will sputter.

With stock jetting, it can still hesitate, lurch, and sputter intermitently, but not if you roll-on the throttle.

Hi guys... well thanks to everyones advice I went and got everything to uncork the bike with exception of the HRC tip. I decided to drill the core out of the stock tip using a hole saw, and dremel to smooth the surface. Its nearly the exact same size as the $169 HRC tip-

After uncorking... :ride: :ride: :worthy::):smirk:

I didn't get a chance to road test it due to nasty weather this evening, but tomorrow morning I'll be waking up the neighbors as I pull outta the garage and hit the street!

I'll be sure to keep everyone updated, but unless I find further problems you all really helped out a new 650R owner, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your advice

Thanks so much TT

Happy torquing around the neighborhood...........

he must of really liked it because he never came back

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