Just got the frame back from the powder coaters... now I hope I remember where everything goes.


Looks good. I know you are in ENG., but what about did that cost?

Looks good. Hope to be powder coating my fame soon.:smirk:

The motor goes somewhere in the middle.:smirk:

Looks good!

Pretty, but, it' made of mild steel!!! Aaargh!

The frame was powder coated free of charge.

My wife is a buyer for a filtration company so when she sent her companies filter parts away for powder coating, somehow my frame got mixed up with them. Hmmm can't think how that could have happened

thanks for the tip Husky

Looks good. Post some pics when its back together:thumbsup:

I know in SoCal you can get a frame powdercoated for about $100. I've had several bicycles and a few moto frames done.

The frame had to be shot blasted quite a bit first as the previous owner had decided to hand paint the bike in black hammerite. I plugged the oil holes with a film of grease then bunged them up with silicon and then finaly taped all round the thread with masking tape. When I got it back the taped peeled off easy and the silicon pulled out in a complete plug. I can't see anyway that any bits got in there during the process but just to be sure I will run some oil though it a few times

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