power bomb

After searching around for a while for info on the power bomb, it looks like it gives a nice gain in the low to mid and also quiets it down a little. Anyone know exactly how much, like 2 or 3 decibles, or have it tested before and after? Will the header fit with the Ty Davis tank? Thanks for any help.


[ April 19, 2002: Message edited by: Angel Boy ]

i have a power bomb header and power core 4 silencer on my 2000 wr.i installed the silencer 1st with the stock header. that give it a noticeable power increase from bottom to top. i added the pb header later and noticed an increase from bottom to mid but don't think it helped reduce the noise any.i'd done all the free mod's prior to adding the silencer and after adding the silencer i to a 170 main,45 pilot and it ripped then added the pb header and noticed a little jump in bottom to mid.

2000wz400,protapers,cycra pro bend hand guards,worksconnection guards,yz rear fender,front number plate,fmfpowerbombheader,powercore 4 silencer,clarke 3.4 gal. tank,yz seat




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