Hot Start Plunger Stuck

My hot start lever stuck ('06 W450), so I looked into the problem. Found the plunger is frozen in the carb. I loosened the [cheap plastic] nut and tried to pull the plunger up, but it won't budge. I don't want to just yank with major force for fear of trashing it or something else. I'm wondering if anyone has a trick on how to get the plunger unfrozen.

Try some sort of liquid to make it more slippery--maybe WD-40. Just make sure it isn't something that is harmful to rubber;due to the rubber o-ring on the plunger.

I had this happen to me on my 06 also and I used liquid wrench and let it sit for a while. Then I used a pair of needle-nose pliers to slowly twist then pull it out. I ended up wrecking the hot start plunger and had to order a new one but it came out. The o ring on the plunger is a seperate part# if you have to order one. Then lube it up (once or twice a year).

ok this is how you get it out , you pull out the cable and then put the cable end in the plunger then squeeze it with the needle nose pliers and slowly pull it out . i got mine out with out wrecking it (was seized when i bought it ) and it was hard to pull out . then hone out the bore with a valve guide hone and clean up the piston with some emry or buy a new one , my bore was scratched so i had to clean it with the valve guide hone .

Do not sweat the bore too much. as long as the plunger moves freely, the bore is fine. The Hot Start plunger only seals on the bottom (notice the rubber insert).

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