Stator problems

I have a 2004 YZ450 that I bought from my dad who never rode it, its been maintained very well and has never had any problems. I have been riding it for a few months and recently had problems with it running at all for longer than 15 minates. I had a diagnostics done on it at a shop and found that the secondary coil in the stator was bad, I replaced it and it ran fine for about 3 rides, only to have the exact same problem happen again. Has anybody had this problem before? Is there something that can be causing the stator coils to go bad? Heat? Other electrical componets? I also bought a new CDI unit to see if it was bad, but it didnt change anything and still has the same problem.

hi there, did you resolve this problem? I raced yesterday and found that in the second and third race my bike stoped as if it was running out of fuel, I'd ben on the bike for approax 15mins.



Have a friend who has a 2007, and his went out over a table top jump and engine died in the air. Guess where the front end went?? He disloacated his shoulder almost broke his neck. They are having problems with the newer ones also, but are supposed to have gotten the new batch of stators on the older 07's and new 08 model:crazy: My 03 never had a problem.


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