How do you diagnose your clutch?


I know this may be very basic and overly simple for some of you.

But, how do you know if you have a bad clutch? I have a 00 426 and I read all these posts about how grabby it is and all the problems with it.

What exactly is needed for the 2001 upgrade modification? But more importantly, what symptoms do you look for that indicate that your clutch is not working at an optimal level, both while riding and physically if you take the clutch apart?

I am sure there are a lot of newbies here that would like to be able to diagnose the performance of the clutch systems.

No one on the YZ side seems to have or want to give an answer so I figured I would ask you guys.

Thanks guys,

To diagnose if your clutch is working correctly I would try two things.

1. Is the clutch disengaging completely? If you pull the clutch lever in and the bike is in gear does the bike creep forward either hot or cold? If so just adjust the free play at the lever.

2. Does the clutch slip hot or cold? A way to test this would be to see if the clutch grabs under a load. One way would be while riding in a higher gear with good traction, a paved road works good, pull the clutch in, and at the same time rev the engine, with the engine revved let the clutch lever back out quickly. If the clutch grabs the bike will jerk forward, if the clutch slips the engine will more slowly get pulled down. If your clutch acts differently hot and cold it is a sign that the clutch is going bad.

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