big gun exhaust

has anyone tried a big gun exhaust system on their pig yet? i have 2007 L and seriously thinking about putting that on my scooter. if not, is there a kick-azz system ya'll would recommend? so far my bike is stock but i'm slowly adding stuff on. love my little wheelie machine!!!!

I've never owned a big gun exhaust system, but have seen them in person plenty of times. I though the headers look like crap....but the can does sound pretty cool...nice and thumpy.

I've heard from people who have them that they don't recommend buying sure others will chime in

I've got a full FMF system on my XRR and I'm pleased with the quality for what I paid.... its not the best system out there, but i got my full setup for under $300 new, so I'm not complaining.

*shameless bike plug*


+1 for the titanium 4. I have heard bad things about the big gun, they are poorly made.

I also have heard things about big gun. THats just heresay though.

I'm happy with my WB e2 series. If you have extra cash go with XR's only stainless or Staintunes stainless. The latter doesnt have a sparky.

Got the Big Gun on the L. It matches well with the motor mods. Performance is top notch, but not noise friendly. It is loud and mine did not come sparked. My Supertrapped 600 does perform well also without the added noise. If you want the extra, look at the Big Gun.


Didn't care for the Big Gun on my XR600R. It was louder, and didn't perform as well as the stock header with a WB E-Series.

Do they still ceramic coat their exhausts? It looked like crap on mine.

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