XR650R clutch

Hi everyone, My xr650r 2000 model clutch wont disengage at all. Pulled it all apart and found the clutch basket bush seized in there. I know the early models had a problem with these but now I cant get it out of the clutch basket. I tried pressing it out but no luck and dont wont to break the basket. Anyone had similar problem or any advice. Thanks

Oh no,, I think your basket will be dead even if you get it out after being seized that bad.

Yeah, the basket is the least of your problems. Not damaging the cases is the main issue now.

Do a search on 'siezed clutch' or 'clutch removal' and see what you come up with.

Thanks for the info guys - the bush has only seized into the clutch basket and not on the shaft so it looks like ill have to use more pressure in the press to get it out

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