2002-426 vs. 1999-400 Throttle stop?

My son in law just purchased a 2002 WR426 and wants to shorten the throttle stop. He tells me the carb pictures posted under the technical section on this site, of a '99 WR400, do not look like his new WR426 carb. Are they the same? I have not looked at his bike so I am not familiar with how it looks. Thanks for the help guys! By the way I just bought a 2002 KLX 300R so will be visiting the site often. I have already done several mods I found on here myself and am very satisfied with the results.

totally different carb.

Ok then anybody got pics for the 2k2 426?

I'm wanting to do this mod as well.


OK we did the throttle stop today and plan to go riding tomorrow to check it out. Now my question is " whats with the grey wire"? I have heard poeple say its all in your head taht oit really doesn't do anything at all. Any comments?

grey wire screws w/ ignition timing in order to meet sound (or emission?) tests for U.S. bikes ONLY!! :)

cut it so your bike is as good as all the other WR's in the whole wide world! :D

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