OBELN jet needle

I just ordered a OBELN needle for my 02 426. I have read many good things about this needle in the archives. I have been trying to see what else I need to change when I put in needle. I will start needle #3 clip, and keep everything else stock, any suggestions about this. From looking at various posts, it seems people are close to there stock jetting with this needle. I ride at around 1300 feet. I did notice that some of you went richer on the main jet. Doesn't this needle make things richer, so I probably would have to go down if anything on my main jet or pilot jet. Any info would be great. My modifications are in my signiture.


Actually, all else remaining equal, the ELN will like a smaller main jet versus the stock DRR (or Dxx whatever). That is because the “steeper” taper angle opens up quicker.

Clip # 3 sounds a little lean to me but I have not run that particular needle. Jetting for the clip position is pretty straight forward, if it hacks and wants to die when you whack the throttle open you are too lean…

That whole “make one change at a time” thing is your best bet, and I also think stock main and pilot will be in the ball park, so if it were me I’d put the ELN in and find the correct clip first, then direct my attention to how it runs on pilot and main.

Changing from the stock needle to an “E” taper is a huge change all by itself, and a big improvement IMO.

Hope this helps.

My brother and myself run the eln on clip #3 we had to lean the main from 165 to 160.

I tried the pilot at 38/75 , 40/75, 42/75Stock, 45/100, 48/100. Also the main at 158/200, 160/200, 165,200, 168/200 and 170/200 all with the eln on 3 or 4.

My 02 426, ran the best with 42/75 and 168/200 on clip 3. Always starts on the first kick & never needs the hot start. I also ride at about the same elevation as you. I just recently added a YZ muffler and had to take the 42/75 up to a 45/75. Your opened exhaust and lid off probably leaned things out already.

Hope this Helps.

I messed with the OBELN for a while and don't think I will be completely happy until I have done the BK Mod.

Check out below for my current jetting - note that I have a 160MJ and a 155 MJ in the box which I intend to try one day when I have a chance. Despite the fact that it is not perfect lately I have just been riding and not messing with it.

good luck.

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