it'll run on carb cleaner

i pulled the air filter off the 2000 wr and it will run spraying carb cleaner but when that rus out she stalls. the main and pilot are clean. cleaned them to day. with the fuel on is fuel suppost to come out of the bottom of the carb when the bowl plug is out? because it is not the main and pilot were clogged bad but the inline fuel filter is clean and fuel is flowing. i'm out of ideas other than pulling the carb off and taking it to the dealer to have it gone through.

Pull the float bowl, remove the float and needle seat. You have debris in there.

thats what i ended up coming too after talking to some guys at work. do you know if i need to replace any gaskets when i take the bowl off? it looks like i do, so i think i'm just gonna order a rebuid kit and clean the whole carb,replace all seals and needle and float. i'm guessing the set up is the same as a automobile carb and i have rebuilt a few of those. the bike had been submerged and i have spent some time cleaning the air filter/housing and the rest of the bike and had left the carb alone untill today. thanks for the advise i was a little spazed earlier and was trying to get it running while i had acess to the shop at work. she got a nice bath after i put all the plastics and the tank back on.:smirk:

might try pulling off the line from the tank and gently blowing, if you cant blow the needle is stuck in the seat, and you may be able to unseat it by blowing harder...the gas is just gravity fed so theres no pressure and will not force a lil sticky needle open. In the off chance that the needle sticks open after blowing...well you were gonna rebuild the carb anyway.

I'd pray, then blow threw it to get it unstuck, and run some good carb cleaner like sea foam through the tank and call her good

No gaskets, FCR's use O-Rings. Do not waste the money on a rebuild kit unless the carb is old and beat up. Simply wet, a diassembly of the float bowl are and blowing air through everything should be good. as RustyKnife suggests, blowing compressed air in the fuel inlet of the carb may blow out the debris, if there. Some FCRs though, have a little screen just about the float needle seat and it must be removeved to really clean it.

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