20 inch front tire

Anyone here using or tried a 20 inch front tire?

Seems like it work well for this bike..especially out here in the west...

Any comments?

I installed one on my 98 WR 400 and loved it. I now have a 2002 WR 426 and laced up the 20 inch wheel last weekend.

The biggest change is how much slower the steering feels. For some folks this is a bad thing but for typical dual sport use it's great.

It also deflects less in rocks and goes where I point it. It behaves like it has a steering damper installed without the extra weight.

The sand performance of course is better because of the bigger footprint. On my 98 I ran a Dunlop hard terrain tire that absolutely is not a sand tire. The front end still knifes in and wants to fold under but it happens much later than the 21 tire does.

Bottom line. Spokes, rim lock and Excel silver rim cost me $220 at Wheel Works in Garden Grove, CA. I was really surprised how easy it is to lace a true a wheel, any one with a spoke wrench can do it.

Compare this to the cost of a steering damper and new upper triple clamp and you decide what to do

I've got one and it's good on hard pack but it sucks in mud.

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