Engine problem???

Already done! Ihonestly think it is not a fuel issue! Will have to wait till wednesday till the dealer can have a look at it!!!

Good luck with this man...Hope that you did not mess with the TPS screw...if you fiddled with it then the dealer will go through all that you have then maybe...maybe...narrow down to this. And if you did move it then, according to my service manual, it will lose a little in performance after its readjusted. This is the way I interpret the literature...check your manual and then check your memroy to see if that was an issue.:smirk:

TPS was not messed with! dealer started looking at it today at 2PM and I have not heard anymore from him!!! I think it is going to be costly! BIG TIME!!!

The story so far!

It is not the valves, not the carb and not the stator! I have noticed that the plug coil where it plugs onto the loom has one black prong and one silver prong! Could this cause it to loose its spark? Has anyone else had a problem with this???

It gets worse! Dealer FINALLY got round to looking at it, stripped the carb and cleaned, still would not run! Checked the shims , all ok still no joy!! Checked the electrical system, no problem found but now it starts and runs ok. I asked him what he found and he told me he had no idea what was wrong! So now I have lost confidence in the thing but also I am being charged £75 for nothing!!!

What on the electrical side could be causing this back fire to happen?

Found the problem at last!!!! The plug that goes onto the coil pack had burnt the neutral resulting in a weak and erratic spark!!!! I am glad I have found it at last!! Thanks to all who answered the call!!!!


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