Help to remove air filter case for cleaning on WR450F '05


I noticed that my (recently purchased) 2005 WR 450 F was filthy behind the air filter - thus I want to remove the entire case and give it a proper cleaning. The problem is that I can't find anything in the service manual showing how to remove the case and I haven't figured it out by looking at it and removing bits and pieces around it. Does anyone know where to find instructions or have some pointers as to what needs to be removed before the air filter case can be removed?


Just loosen the where it clamps to the carb and take the sub frame off. The airbox will come with it. It's easy

Ok, I finally got it out. Biggest problem was the electrical stuff sitting in a rubber seat. I couldn't figure it out so eventually I applied some force and got it loose. Turns out that the strap holding the rubber guiding the air flow to the carburator was incorrectly mounted -- had it not been I could have just removed this and cleaned it and saved a few hours of work (in the picture I have rotated the strap 90 degrees counter-clockwise to allow access when mounted inside the air filter case).



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