Led light to replace 1157 bulb

I am trying to replace the stock 1157 bulb in the brake light with an led bulb. The led bulb is made to replace the stock bulb, but it wont light up. I am now guessing I need a resistor somewhere for this as well. Any ideas on how to get it to work?

I tried one in a trailer and it works and fits the same.

The resistor is for the blink control when you use led for signals.

Well I did some research and checked out some diagrams. It seems there needs to be a resistor in parallel. I can get it to come on steady with the resistor, but can not figure how to hook up the 3 wire and make the brake light work. They warn and I noticed the resistor get hot when light is on continuous. Not crazy about the resistor gig. I will go back to the 1157 bulb brake tail light, and keep the led turn signals on just to try out.

Huh? I was just getting ready to try one of those bad boys out too. Maybe someone will chime in that's used them.

I put one in my old FZ1 and it worked with no problem (maybe it had some kind of resistor built in) BUT, even though it was supposed to be one of those super duper bright ones is wasn't as bright as the stock incandescent one.

That was the other thing I did not like Bibleman. For the constant light (wich would be the tail light) is was only a couple of leds and would not light the plate or the assembly very well (worthless). Was nice when the whole bulb light up for the brake light.

I got this set up because it was made for the XR. I use it & its great!! Call MR Forest, if you have any questions, he's good folk. it's the picture second from last. Once your on the right item, you may have to hit the little scroll down arrow for the choice of XR or the accerbis. See here> http://www.wheelingcyclesupply.com/shop?action=category&cat_id=72

LEDS unlike bulbs are polarity sensitive-they also need a resistor

in series to limit the current thru them.

LEDS unlike bulbs are polarity sensitive-they also need a resistor

in series to limit the current thru them.

:smirk: thats it.

Oh and the resistor has nothing to do with blinking an led unless there is some other components added in the package..i.e. ... a capacitor. then the value of the resistor will change the r/c (resistor/capacitor) time constant... bleeding off the capacitor faster or slower to make the blink faster or slower depending on the value of the resistor.

Ditto on wheeling cycle supply. Those guys are great and their LED tail light is phenomenal. It is way brighter than stock. It will get your attention.

make sure you have the polarity right and that you are using DC voltage only and it should work correctly

Theres something with Hondas that is wierd with LEDs cuz when i was asking about changing to LED lights on my CBR the people at Chaparral told me they would need resistors but other makes they work fine? Said they put them in the Suzukis and they work without anything else, why not hondas i never figured out but they blink so fast you cant see it?? Prolly why you can get it to light up but not with brake light. Im thinking that a resistor wont help with it in a brake light??? NOt sure though kinda wierdo

The one I used from wheeling must be made for the honda. I just plug & play. Brake real bright!

And now I dont waste time replacing bulb from vibrations. = More ride time!

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