Anyone have their stock springs?

I need some stiffer springs for my 250F and I think the stock fork and shock springs from a WR 400 or 426 would be prefect. I'm looking for .46 fork springs and a 5.0 or 5.2 shock spring.

E-mail me if you have any and how much $ you want for them.


I have my stock rear spring. I'll have to see what it rated at and I'll let you know. As for cost, pay shipping and it's yours.

My wife will thank you for getting it out of the shop.


GREAT! It should be a 5.0, just what I need. E-mail me and we can exchange addresses.

Now I just need to find a big WR or YZ rider that needed stiffer fork springs and has their .46's laying around.



Check your pm.

Hi F-Pilot!!!

I have my stock front springs from a 2000Wr400. I'm pretty sure they are 46's. Rode on them for 4 rides and changed them. $20.00 and shipping and they are yours!!! Let me know what you think. Seeya!!!


Thanks Blownz!

My e-mail is:

Send me your address and I'll send you the money and my address.

Where do you live?

[ April 24, 2002: Message edited by: F-Pilot ]

Great thought F-Pilot.

I know F-Pilot, and trust his opinion on this.

Anyone else have the springs he is asking for. I need them too for the same reason.


i've got the '01 wr 426 fork springs, rode little and rode slow, got my fancy mx tech set up now. e mail

sfc Crash,

I emailed you about the springs..


Man I love Thumper Talk. I posted today that I wanted springs front and rear also, and now I've got 2 guys shipping me theirs. Awesome.

Thanks guys...


Ben, you beat me to it. I'm still waiting to hear from Bill and Blownz.

Are you guys still interested in selling your springs???

e-mail is




I have the stock springs from my 98 400. You can have them. Let me know.


I also have a set of stock fork springs for my 2000 wr400. I will take $20+ Shipping. I would also like to get a heavier shock spring. My wr has a 5.0 I would like to exchange for a heavier spring. Let me know.

Court, I just sent you a pm. Give me a call and we'll get together.

THANKS!!! :)

Bump for Court.


I PMed you. How is the deal for the springs going? Let me know ASAP.


Court brought his springs over the other nite


so I'm set but I think the 5.4 rear spring may be too much. I'm going to try it this weekend and see.

I think Bill is or has sent his 5.0 to me,

(have you, Bill?)

If the 5.4 is too stiff I'll see if Court wants it back or maybe Dirtnut can use it.

I'll post my impression of the spring on Sunday nite or Monday.

Thanks again to all the fellow TTer's for responding, this site is great!

Well, the forks are awesome with the .46's but the 5.4 is a bit too much for the rear.

If Bill sends his 5.0 or I find another one someone (Dirtnut?) is welcome to the 5.4 unless Court wants it back.

Anyone else want to sell their 5.0 spring? Cmon, some of you guys must want to upgrade.

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