Who has an FCR41 on there 650R right now??

Im looking at trying to fit the FCR41 on my R and was woundering what is all involved. I thought I saw on here that there was a different cam chain tentioner that cleared the carb. How much reforming of the tank was there? Does it clear the frame etc.. thanks..

i am also interested in doing this, i believe it is a xr400 tensioner you need to run, but i wonder if you can use the manual tensioner with it? you may want to look into getting it taper bored to 43mm and a new venturi ring installed. there is a place called drg i believe and they got the dyno charts to prove the increase in flow and horsepower.

I have a FCR 41 on my personal 650R SM, have a Monnier tank so no clearing problems there.I mounted a bolt from the XR400 camchain tensioner on the 650 tensioner to clear it in that spot . Easy. :)

I just bought another 650r with a FCR41 ,this one has the stock tank. The carb is a little rotated to clear the tank ,no big problem.

The 650r rips with a FCR. :smirk:

I'm also inteterested in this. What throttle cables are you running? Where are you getting the carbs from? Are you using a TPS equipped carb from a newer bike? Anyone try this with a larger fuel tank like a 4+ gallon IMS or Clarke? How close does it get to the exhaust pipe? I'm running a Moriwaki which might make it slightly tighter in that area.

Thanks in advance. Off to go roost the starbucks on my way to get a burger.

I'm running a FCR "racing",the older roadrace type with angled slide, not the mx version.But here in Europe, I have seen the mx version also on 650R's.Then ,you have to make some custom adapters to fit airbox and intake, I don't think Sudco or others make a MX version or adapters for the R.

For the cables , I run it with just the pull cable, I putted a custom made inner cable in it to make a perfect fit.

As for specific tanks or headers I don't know,sorry. I run a Swiss made Evo line ,it's a close fit ,but no problem with neater carb or header.

Thanks for the Info!~

Sudco's website shows a kit for the 650R. I'll call them tomarrow and find out what all is included.

Good morning all,I have just finished my fcr41-mx project. I have pictures of tank mods.,home made adaptor (very easy) + stock cable re route + home headers/muffer (stainless)please email me and i will send +any information. Eric.

Sudco's website shows a kit for the 650R. I'll call them tomarrow and find out what all is included.

If you want a choke, I dont think the slant comes with one. Just ask.

I have the fcr41 slant nonchoke on my L, and starting is fine if you just richen the pilot a bit.

Link not working.

Try now (fixed)

I talked with Sudco today and the xr650r kit includes a jetted to your specs slant body carb with the throttle linkage on the left side, internal fast ex. pump linkage, throttle cables and a rubber block to slightly move the tank up. He also stated that the carb comes ready to install in the stock intake and airbox boots. Now those that have it, is it a holy sh!t differance or not compared to the stocker? How about compared to the Edel, or mikuni?

On mine, the biggest difference was the instant throttle response. Overall power delivery did not change.

I had a Mikuni TM40 on my 650R for years .With the FCR41 :crisper jetting ,way more overrev.:smirk: Gone make it a 42.5 or 43mm :)

ive already bougth XR650r tarded with FCR41 installed.. so never used stock carb, no way to compare for me.

but guys, i havent got any info about jetting/tuning/settingup this FCR with my XR by previous owner...

shall i use dynometric stand for settingup? it's not so cheap, thats why i asking.. i liked my ride, it's uncountable fun on the road, but however - who knows, maybe i could get more from FCR, using dynometric stand... ehh

you can set it up just like any other carb. get a base on about what size jets to start with and just start tweeking from there. if you cant just do it by the seat of your pants then you can do plug chops. if that isnt good enough you can alway buy an egt from summit and have a local exhaust shop weld a bung into your pipe so you can use the sensor. i have not made up my mind if i am going to use the 45mm mikuni or the 41mm fcr bored to 43mm yet, but i am really leaning towards the fcr for the throttle response.

I ended up making my own adapter and going with the Mikuni HSR42. Works great. A little tank reshaping with the heat gun, but really no big deal. Made 63.9 hp on Eddies dyno, so not to bad.

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