05 yz450 qustions

I just bought a 05 yz450. The guy i bought it from said i should go through th carb because it wasnt idling right. well, it doesnt idle some times and others it does. It also pops almost constantly on deceleration. Once running it seems to run fine, with a slight bog right as you nail the gas. It has a DRD full exhaust and seems to be running a little rich. I dont really know anything about 4 stroke carbs, so i am at a disadvantage as to what to do. I will call DRD on monday and get their jetting specs, i was just curious as to what you guys might think is going on. There are no air leaks and the hot start is not getting hung up either. Any suggestions are gratly appreciated.:smirk:

I'm going to bump this cause I know you need answers...

Excessive decel popping (some is normal) is generally an indication of lean idle circuit jetting or an air leak in the exhaust. Try backing out the idle fuel screw some to see if this improves. A partially blocked pilot jet may also be at fault, as could low float level. Also, check the jetting sticky to se if someone has a setup similar to yours.

I am having similiar problems, did the advise from (grayracer513) help at all? please let me know - thank you

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