Buying a used 2004 YZ450F, What should I look for.

I've got a line on a used YZ450F. The bike was raced motox by the previous owner. Says the motor has been rebuilt. I read an earlier thread about checking the steering head gussets for cracks that lead to oil leaks. Is there anything else I should look for on this bike. I've heard mixed feelings on the 4 speed xmission. I'm riding this bike motox only. I miss having a 450, I have been riding a 2002 Yz250 the last two years. Thanks for any help. Missle

I had the same question about the 4 spd trans, but I actually like it better than a 5 spd.

How much are they asking for it?

Wish I could be more helpful but I haven't had a single issue with my 04 450. It's been ridden hard and it keeps coming back for more.

Wish I could say the same for my 03 KTM 450.

thanks for the help guys. I am trading my 02 yz250 for it.

I've been very happy with my '04. The 4 speed trans isn't an issue on the track, but I do find myself wishing for a 5th gear on some offroad trails. Overall it's no big deal.

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