98 WR 400 for sale CA plate and title

My trusted and faithful 98 WR 400 is availble.

Mostly stock condition with Works Connection frame and radiator guards. Has Factory Effects graphics. Grey wire mod of course.

7000 miles on the bike with a fresh top end and cam chain recently completed. Maintenance records and mile log available for review. Your choice of 21 inch or 20 inch front wheel.

Baja designs dual sport kit installed. California street bike title and current plate with clean VIN, no check digit. This is not a dual registration and the DMV will not revoke the plate.

Asking $3900 If interested send PM to arrange for a check ride.

Dan, Does your bike come with all that sweet GPS stuff that you have??? (I didn't think so).

I hope everything is well with you. If I were in the market for a clean WR I would definatly get yours!!

Take care,

DL :)

For the GPS geeks it does include a Garmin power cable for the 12, II and III models. The cable does not fit the new Etrex series.


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