Need yellow radiator shrouds for a 98' YZF

Does anyone know where I can get yellow or black radiator shrouds? I've called all over the place and nobody carries them anymore. Hit a tree and broke the right shroud in half.


No one carries them anymore???

Hmm, that puts me in a dilema.

I have a set in the attic, (im pretty sure) and I would sell them to you, but Im not sure if they dont sell them anymore.

I guess what Im saying is... What will you give me? :)


I had my dealer looking for yellow and he said he didn't have any luck finding them either so you may want to hold on to them. I guess I'm going to have to go with white or something. I've got the Hurricane kit on my bike too. I bought some graphics off of you a while back for spares. If you do decide to get rid of them let me know, I'll be down at Chadwick with Edareus over the weekend of Nov. 9th so maybe I could work out something with you by then. I guess for now I'll order the white and try to cover them up with those graphics so I can go riding this weekend. I hit tree and broke the right shroud pretty much in half.

There's a guy on ebay that is selling a complete set of yellow hurrican plastic/graphics with the seat and some extra pieces. Looks like a good deal, just search for YZ400 and you'll find it.

Thanks, I'll check it out.

Yea, your right Chris. Mabye it might be best if I hold on to them. Sure enough I sell them and Ill rip mine off next ride.

Hold on to that good shroud though!!! You never know, I might rip off my left shroud someday and then your left will be gold to me! he he

Hey! If you guys dont care, I might meet you guys down at Chadwick that weekend and hook up. Is that cool?

Are you guys riding just the one day or staying for the weekend?


We will be coming down there friday night, riding saturday, and then heading home sunday. Your more than welcome to meet up with us. I think Edareus (Eric) tried getting a hold of you the last time we went down there but he said you were tied up with something. I'll tell him you'll probably meet up with us. I think there will be between 4 to 7 of us going. There is whole set of yellow plastic on ebay I'm going to shoot for.

Yeah, the last time I asked you(Darin) you were doing something weird like getting married or something. Damn is Chris fast, he just broke the shroud yesterday!

Darin, I was going to get in touch with you again to ask you but Hurricane beat me to it. So how about it dude think you can make it? I can't remember the guys TT name from KC that contacted me about going to chadwick one time but but his name is Jason. Jason if you are able to go that weekend let us know! So far there are 4 of us locked in on going (weather permitting).

Talk to you guys later!

Ps. Hurricane, did you get those bars bent back!! :)


I kind of figured I was going to have trouble getting those yellow shrouds, but I think I may have a lead. Screw those Tag bars, I'm getting Pro Taper.

Hey guys!

Yea, Im going to do my best to make it this time.

I cant see anything that would get in my way of coming at this moment. Im going to mark Nov 9th on the calendar. More than likely I will be there just on Sat.

Yea, your right his name is Jason. Really nice guy. Rode with him a couple times down at Chadwick. They have a Yahoo group appropriatly called "KC Riders", I'll go over there and inform him. I think he visits that board more frequently than here.

Chris, Good decision!!! You cant go wrong with Pro-Tapers!!

I'm here, I'm here...LOL

Thanks for catching up w/me Darin. I'll check out that weekend and see what we have going. One of my main riding buds is picking up an 03'525 Katoom this week and may need to break it in right w/some Chadwick lovin'!!

Darin, not sure if you remember Pat(KCHusky), he bought a Snap-On Tool franchise and is insanely busy. Not sure who all I could round up but I'll see what I can do. Jason

You can round me up, that is if you guy's don't mind having a KTM along for the ride. <font color="orange">

Sorry. No new bikes allowed. You will just make us jealous.

Just kidding.

Sounds like this is turning out to be quite a group.

Mabye a we should call this the Annual Midwest TT Ride?


Yea, I remember Pat. Sounds like you guys got the hook up on tools now. Hope to see you then!

I thought "One Industries" carries the yellow plastic. Check it out. has yellow shrouds part #61-5395, price 49.95, in stock, 1-800-328-9280.


Hey Hurricane, did you get the plastics??

Everybody else going Nov 9th to Chadwick?

We will have a green club cab chevy pulling an enclosed trailer with Honda graphics(I know booooooo) on it. We will be in Cobb Ridge campground. Hope to see some of you there.


Hey Eric,

I'll be there. You guys are camping right? I'll try to be at your camp by 8:00am. Sound good?

Do you guys camp in the front (old section of campground) or in the newly expanded area?


We usually get up around 6 and cook breakfast so 8 should be just about right. We usually pick a spot that we can get all the trucks into. We do prefer to be up front somewhere. Last time we stayed in the spot right on the corner next to the out house. You will recognize us by the enclosed trailer that is with us. It is a 6x12 with a big honda wing and a guy on a motorcycle on the side. I will touch base with you later in the week to make sure that guy is going. Talk to you later.


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