08 YZ 450F maintenance hours HELP!

I have just purchase my new YZ 450F 2008, and I have also installed an hour meter on it. The thing is, that I have read the manual, and in the part were the maintenance intervals (3-1,3-2 in the manual pages) I found the schedule for the maintenance and lubrication intervals, such as, AFTER BREAK-IN, EVERY RACE, EVERY THIRD (OR 500KM), EVERY FIFTH (OR 1.000KM) and AS REQUIRED. The thing is, that I dont understand were the exact or approx. hours are required to make each change (such as changing de oil and oil filter, and checking valves). :)

:ride: PLEASE someone who can explain to me what EVERY THIRD and EVERY FIFTH really means? and also, were do I can find (maybe a link, if the manual doesnt have the hours regardind the maintenance and lubrication intervals) the exact or approx hours in the bike, to make the correct maintenance? :smirk:

thanks (by the way, sorry my english typing isnt that to god...)

If you are using an hour meter; replace the oil and filter every 10 hours, check your valves at the first oil change (10 hrs) and every third oil change (30 hrs), clean the air filter after every ride.

I look at an hour on the dirt bike to be like riding a street bike 120 miles, if that makes it easier to figure service intervals.

i change oil 5-7 hrs

yes check valves at 10 hrs

change front fork oil at 20 hrs

monitor air filter, you know when you ride in dusty conditions then watch it closely.

re-grease linkage, steering head at 10 - 20 hrs when you have time. then redo at 100 hrs unless you ride in water and pressure wash your bike all the time.

the book is over kill unless you are a hard core racer.

Change your oil after the first hour of operation during break in, then again after another 2-3 hours with a new filter.

10 hours is the absolute outside of the envelope, IMO and is the maximum I will ever use. Ignore the hours, and change your oil and filter every third ride day, or more often than that if there's a race day in the mix. Only the very best oils available have any chance of retaining their viscosity that long.

Thanks a lot for all the info guys, I really appreciate this. Is there anything else, that I need to keep in mind for keeping a nice and clean engine maintenance?

I know I'm repeating what's already been said but I also change my oil every 2-3 rides and sometimes sooner if there's been an all day ride or a hard race tossed in there. Cheap insurance I always thought.

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