Where to Get 2nd Set of Wheels & Model Crossover

I would like to get a second set of wheels for my XR650R so that I can put street tires on them. I can't afford a new set so I would like used. I would be thrilled to find something less than $400 for a set.

I've been checking ebay and calling around to motorcycle junk yards and haven't found anything. I know that Honda likes to use 1 part for many applications.

Where have you found a second set?

Are you running 650R wheels or did you get another model to work with a bearing change?

I went I found a rear wheel for my XR600R on ebay, but took a year or more. Most wheels in ebay were for mid 80s bikes with drum brakes.

Does anyone have a cross reference for wheels? I'm looking for another set also.....

I find myself in the same boat... I need a rear wheel for a '97 XR600R but can't buy a new one right now. I'd like to pick up a used one, but everything I find seems to be from the mid-'80s with the drum, like LeadDoggy said. Anybody else know what is interchangable??


Really would like some input on this issue if anyone has something to offer.

We can buzz over to SuperMotoJunkie.com, maybe they would have some input. I have not had time.....

I just browsed the classifieds over there and found nothing. I know a few SM people around here and will ask them next time I see them.

Seems to be cheaper to buy a whole parts bike than a set of wheels.

Good luck!!! You are going up the creek with out a paddle on this one. You don't see alot of guys paying the $1400 for a set of supermoto wheels and then dumping them on Ebay. From your original post you did not mention that you wanted 17 rims?? You will see more for the standard YZ and CRF's out there used.

If you want a second set of 21" Front and 18" for the rear and just put road tires on them I would look at Warp9 you can get a full set cheap and they are a good rims and hubs..

I have a rear wheel from a 93 XR650L - not in real good shape though and needs a spoke replaced. I know what you mean by the lack of wheels and when you can find them they are $$$$ expensive!

I have a set off of my 650l, stock rims in great shape, however they have like new dirt tires on them. Put the dirt tires on your wheels now and buy some street tires for the mine??

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