Proof of YZ/WR 450 for 2003???

On page 58 of the May 2002 issue of Motocross Action there is a picture of Doug Dubach's 426 engine with a passage reading, "We'd love to tell you the inside scoop on Doug's ultra-secret YZ 450 engine, but unfortunately Doug doesn't get to use next year's engine in this year's race bike."

Sounds like some more evidence pointing towards the existence of the ever elusive 450 engine for Yamaha's 2003 line-up!


I've seen it. And it's for real.!!

Here we go...... :)

LOL... yes, we will all just have to wait until the Dealer shows later in the year to know for sure what all the details are going to be...

BUT, as the class is 450, and most of the other manufacturers are going to be running 450's, then it would be on the cards for ol' blue to go to the class limit... no substitute for cubic capacity...

Hey, think of the weight they will save by boring the cylinder that couple of mm... sorry :)

I am not going to speculate on anything else... except the 4 cupholders to be included on the 2003 model WR's...

David (happy with his 2002 model)

Team Yamaha has been running 450's for a while in their race bikes.

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