Chain size and Sproket size?

If I want a quick get up and go bike. What size sprokets do I want? And also what size chain (I want to get rid of the stock chain)?

Well, if you are wanting a slightly lower gear then you may want to get a rear sprocket that is a coupe of teeth larger. I went down one tooth on the front of my XR600R and lost topend speed. Can only run about 65MPH on the highway. To the best of my knowledge, one tooth in front is equal to about 4 to 5 teeth in rear.

I want to order a chain and sprockets for my 93' XR600 but don't know what chain to get. Can someone tell me where to find the specs for my bike so I can order front and rear sprockets and a chain? What is cheap but will last? Thanks Jake

I put all my bikes in my profile on RockyMountain ATV and it tells me what size sprocket, chain, tire size, spark plug, oil filter, etc that I need.

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